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The corona seems to be quieting... The increase in confirmed cases in the metropolitan area has raised social distancing by 2.5 steps.

It is said to be this cituation extended for one week until next week.

Take care of everyone's health and safety!

NDK FOOD CORPORATION which is in the midst of many difficulties due to the closure of duty-free shops and falling exports. 

However, we grateful for the fact that there is a place to help when we are in trouble, and I sponsored it with a small effort.

People in need of help, the vulnerable, the elderly living alone, nursery schools, etc... 

We hope that Jangsu gim will be help to those in need.

Please eat out jangsoo laver and always be healthy.^^ 

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the head of Food Bank who ran from afar for sponsorships. 

Thank you so much.


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